Lunch week 05

Weekdays at 11:00 – 14:30 At lunchtime we do not take reservations by phone.

Insalata di Pollo

10.90 €

Grilled chicken salad

Insalata Grecca

10.90 €

Feta cheese salad

Spaghetti Rosa

10.90 €

Spaghetti with creamy minced meat sauce

Penne alla Norma

10.90 €

Penne pasta and eggplant with basil- tomato sauce

Ravioli al Plin

12.90 €

Meat filled ravioli with creamy rosemary sauce

Pollo ai Funghi

14.90 €

Grilled chicken breast with creamy mushroom sauce

Salmone alle Senape

15.00 €

Grilled sea salmon with creamy mustard sauce

Salsiccia Corleone

16.90 €

Grilled Italian fresh sausage with grilled and marinated vegetables